The Cold War Historic Vehicle Society (CWHVS) undertakes significant and complex restorations of former Cold War-era military vehicles that form the collection. In our worldwide search for rare examples of historically significant types, we are at times faced with the salvage and recovery of a vehicle that will require extensive rebuilding to return it to historically correct and operational condition

The Society completes many diverse tasks from engine rebuilding to armor repair and full “down to bare metal” rebuilds, finishing with correct paint and markings for the chosen era of use, with significant effort and resources used in historical research to ensure that the finished vehicle is as close to the original example as possible.

Many of the vehicles in the collection saw a service life of, in some cases, 30 years, and so, while giving the Society great latitude in the selection of final finish and equipment, it also means that any stock of usable spare parts may be hard or impossible to find, as many of the vehicle parts were consumed during their service lives.

In some cases, due to the very low production number of some of the vehicles (that can be over 60 years old), newly replicated components must be manufactured from original worn parts, or from accurate manufacturer plans and drawings; in some cases, the only pattern to work with can be historic photographs.

We at the Society find great satisfaction in the preservation of these artifacts so we may commemorate those that came before us, and continue to educate in the present day on how these artifacts were used, and our place in the Global Community.

The Society, in the interest in the preservation of historic military vehicles, offers support and advice to other institutions on a request basis.
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