Education Programming

image for siteThe Society’s primary goal, its reason for being, is to educate the public about the period of recent world history known as the Cold War that existed between 1946 and 1995.

This primarily ideological struggle between western capitalist countries and eastern communist countries saw the greatest expenditure in resources, and brought the entire human race closer to outright extinction than at any other time in recorded history. The struggle, while avoiding full-scale engagement between the main powers (although as history now shows, limited unit level engagements did in fact occur), was characterized by many “proxy wars” between these ideologies. These wars of influence have indeed shaped the world as we know it to this day.
With the normalization of the relationship between the two ideologies in the early 1990s, and the rush to place that period of history in the past as quickly as possible, important “lessons learned” about how the world dynamic has been shaped have been lost, or not fully understood.

By using the Society’s extensive collection of former military vehicles and artifacts from this period of history, we are able to transport these to the public space, such as schools, historical events, or in participation with other museums. This provides tactile educational experience so the public can handle, touch artifacts, and, in some cases, get the chance to step inside armored vehicles to obtain a higher level of understanding while being able to converse with knowledgeable historians.

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